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Consumer Highlight Betty Rivera

Okay, my name is Betty Rivera. I like going to my niece’s house, spending Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, all of the holidays with her. I like to color, make bracelets, necklaces and Christmas cards. I like to watch Disney movies. I also like to watch scary movies,...

Consumer Highlight: Scott Haynes

Hi my name is Scott Haynes. I work at Canyon Crest Café. On the weekends, I just relax, do my chores. I live on my own so I have to do everything on my own. I don’t go to movies. I mainly watch TV, go to church, and help set up the place, help with the men’s...

Party at ODP

ODP had a Christmas Party for their employees and included our two groups. Joshua Ortega won the first raffle (a $50 gift card) and Matthew Weekes won the second one (a gift basket).

Consumer Highlight Chris Musarra

Hello my name is Chris Musarra. I’ve been employed by Ability Counts since 2011. I love animals. I have a total of at least 8 or 9 pets. Some Guinea pigs, a rabbit, two Chihuahuas and three cats. At home, I love to help my family out with the chores and I keep the...

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