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Congratulations Leonor Rivera

We would like to recognize Leonor Rivera for making a suggestion to increase production at JB Hunt. Her suggestion was implemented and the production there increased immediately. We are very appreciative of her observation and initiative. Way to go Leonor!

We encourage all staff to come forward with any suggestions they may have to help our groups and program run more efficiently. There will be incentives for ideas used.

Spotlight On Blake Shimshock

Hi I’m Blake Shimshock. I run the Multimedia department for Ability Counts.

I’ve been involved in the film industry for almost 20 years. As a kid, I always had a fascination with cameras. I had that one uncle that always had the cool gadgets at his house.

While my cousins and friends were playing, I had a camera stuck to my face. My father was a movie projectionist, so we got to see a lot of movies for free. He would give me the posters of all the sci-fi films.

In 1977 when Star Wars hit theaters, I was blown away. I took writing classes plus introduction to film. Years later, some friends and I met an actor named Reggie Bannister; he’s in those Bmovie Horror films. He invited us to the set of Phantasm 4. I was so excited to be there.

We helped with lighting and equipment. I gravitated towards the camera crew and helped with the camera equipment. I’ve been hooked ever since.

In 2002 I met a few like-minded people and we started a film company. We still work together occasionally. I’ve worked on over 80 short films and features of all genres. I got into directing and directed some short films that aired on CBS and K-CAL 9. I was assistant camera for some Nickelodeon projects. I worked on a Sammy Hagar Public Service Announcement at Ontario Motor Speedway.

Locally, I’ve filmed videos for the City of Riverside and the city of Moreno Valley.

I stay busy doing what I love. It’s also great money.

Congrats Diane Hensel!

Diane Hensel, for 16 years with Ability Counts!!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication
for all these years! You are a valued employee
and much appreciated!

Shout Out to Ingrid Hernandez

We would like to give coach Ingrid Hernandez a big SHOUT OUT, she recently transitioned from Supportive Employment to the WAP program. During this short time she has been very pro-active in identifying consumers behaviors and has also taken the initiative in some cases to come up with creative resolutions. Her “firm and fair” level of coaching is making consumers accountable for their inappropriate behavior at work but also challenging them to reach their potential and increase productivity.

Parting Ways

It’s with great regret that I have to inform you that Josie Clemente will be retiring from her employment with the company effective 5/4/2018.

I would like to acknowledge the invaluable services that she has provided to the company.Her dedication and hard work has been instrumental in providing much needed work for our consumers and staff and has contributed to the growth of the company.  We are definitely going to miss her.

I would also like to wish her all the very best, happy, and peaceful retired life. With warm regards and best wishes.

Moheni Gaji
Executive Director

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