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Tywon Morris, Consumer Highlight

Hello, my name is Tywon Morris. I work at Ability Counts, Inc. My hobby is I like playing basketball. I also like football and bowling. I love scary and funny movies. My favorite characters I like from those movies are Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger. I like to talk with my girlfriend on the phone. I like to go out to the movies and dinner. I like to listen to Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal. One of my favorite Heavy Metal Bands, which I like to listen to is called KISS.

In memory Deepak Nelson

We will miss you Deepak.

Ability Counts Staff and clients enjoyed Deepak Nelson’s career at Ability Counts from 03/08/2004 until 12/27/2018. We were gifted by Deepak for 14 years and 9 months, of someone that enjoyed his work, sorting hangers and removing labels in the recycling program.

His attendance was very high due to his fondness for socializing and being a part of a work program. Some days his father thought that Deepak should stay home to get some rest. More than once, Deepak would tell his father that he had to go to work.

He never complained or argued with anyone at his program. We all enjoyed having Deepak as part of our team and he will be truly missed.

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